Campaign Update

Well, I decided to list my campaign chest for sale.  I was planning to paint it in a dramatic color and use it as an entryway piece.  I thought it’d be great to hide lots of things too, like the pillows that only come out when company is over, etc.  The mister hated the idea, but I’ve seen some really cool chests as entryway furniture, so we brought it in to see how it would look.

Unfortunately, he was right; it’s just way too deep.  I actually still think it might have worked in the space if it was more shallow, closer to the depth of the stair next to it, but it just feels really heavy in the space and looks off balance.  I’m definitely glad we brought it in for a test drive BEFORE I decided to paint it.  That would have been super annoying.

On the bright side, I did manage to paint the two campaign nightstands and put them in the guest bedroom.  I love them in there; they have the scale of a nightstand as opposed to the end tables that were there before.  {Luckily, I was able to sell those on Craigslist for more than the cost of these, so no harm done!}

I still love this Dwell Studio for Target comforter.  This and the other Dwell comforter that we have in our bedroom are some of the only design decisions I made soon after we bought the house that I don’t regret.  I seriously wish Dwell would do a line of curtains for Target; it’s so hard to find affordable curtains in a great pattern.

Mr. Owl gets to chill on his own little shelf now away from the light… you  know, because he’s nocturnal.

Opposite the bed is the reclaimed wood mirror I found at HomeGoods which I LOVE.  For the record, I contemplated painting the chest and putting it up here, but we really never have guests who stay long enough to need a dresser, especially when there is a large empty closet there as well.  Plus, the chest is kind of deep for that space too; you’d walk right into the side of it as you come in the door.

I definitely still plan to paint the long dresser white and put it in the master bedroom opposite our bed, and if the mister doesn’t want to fill it, I’m sure I can buy some new clothes to put in it! 😉

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One Response to Campaign Update

  1. Cynthia says:

    Is your dresser for sale?!

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