Home Gym

We finally got our home gym set up!  It’s pretty exciting and it’s awesome to be able to just go downstairs whenever and work out for a without having to take the extra time of driving to the gym and back.

We just have the basics… a power rack, a dip/ab station, and some barbells, dumbbells, and kettle-bells.  It’s all you need to do the main total body exercises.

We shopped smart for all the items.  For example, we waited until the power rack we wanted went on sale for $100 off, and then used one of the $20 off $100 Dick’s coupons.  The dip stand was from Amazon; it’s really sturdy and it was even cheaper than used equipment on Craigslist.  The kettle-bells I found at Target {after a tip from Slickdeals} for 80% off, so instead of being $140 for the two, they were only about $30.

The mister handled the majority of the assembly and he painted the bottom and side walls of the staircase black; I think it looks awesome! The only other thing we plan to add is a punching bag.  I also have some equipment at my parent’s house still {yikes} that I can bring over, such as a jump rope and a large ab ball.

We still have a TON of room in the basement, enough for four couches, a table, a bar, a TV, a ping pong table, etc.  This only takes up the corner behind the staircase.  It will also be nice to cancel that monthly gym fee since the home gym will pay for itself in about two years.

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2 Responses to Home Gym

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  2. Jon Schell says:

    What kind of power rack is that? How is it holding up? Would you recommend it to others?

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