The Man Room: Mood Board

So, we’ve decided to turn the craft room upstairs into a man room.  I really didn’t use the room enough, and would tend to do my projects at the dining room table so I could watch TV while I worked.  Also, we only have one TV in the house, so if the mister is watching sports or playing video games, there is no way I am able to catch up on Breaking Bad or Dexter or all the HGTV and Food Network shows I love so much.  I think this new setup will get the room much more use and will be a win-win for both of us!

I put together a mood board for the space {the mister actually requested one!} and I think it satisfies the need for both function and beauty.

The IKEA Expedit unit will still remain in the room {along with my sewing machine and craft supplies in storage boxes}, but its main purpose will be a place for the mister to have all his manly stuff displayed and play video games.  And, as a bonus, I will be able to watch TV now if I’m using the room.

The three posters are gifts I’ve gotten for the mister over the years.  You can find them here, here, and here.  The chair, bookcase, and desk are already in the room, but the existing orange boxes will be replaced with the green version.  The only major purchases are the TV {which I scored a great deal on at Slickdeals} and the locker media cabinet {$99}.

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