Life Lately

Some random musings from my life lately…

I did a little post Christmas browsing and couldn’t pass up this USB powered retro mini fridge {for 80% off!} for my desk at work.  It now holds my daily can of cherry Coke zero!

Eddie got a Christmas treat of his own from his “grandparents”… a bone big enough for an 85lb lap dog!

This past weekend, I decided to grab a piece of MDF and a few brackets from Home Depot and add a shelf in my closet.  There was a lot of wasted space above the existing shelves, and now I can put some out of season shoes up there and free up the more valuable space.  It makes me unnaturally happy.

My favorite brother-in-law got me some great home decor pieces for Christmas.  The Made By Girl LOVE poster I had been coveting…

And the Z Gallerie faux deer head!  I wasn’t sure which item I preferred above the campaign chest in our bedroom, so I tried them both!  I figured the poster would cover up the hole I drilled to hold up the deer if I preferred the poster.  Which do you prefer?

I think that I will likely leave the LOVE poster above the campaign chest and incorporate the deer head into a gallery wall above the desk nook in the living room.  I think a mini gallery wall will be perfect to fill the awkward angled wall space. 

Recognize the chair below?  I found this chair in the same Kalah Blue fabric I mentioned here at Target for a steal, thanks to a sale and a coupon code!  I’m super pleased with the comfort and quality of the fabric {it actually is the exact Kalah Blue fabric}, but I’m not super pleased that I didn’t measure the width of the chair versus the width of the desk opening.  Rookie mistake.  So, now I’m on the hunt for a new desk for this space, and the campaign desk will move up to the guest room.


I also finally took the plunge and ordered the fabric to make the Kalah Blue curtains for the other side of the room.   I think it will look great to have this little pop of the same fabric in the desk nook to tie into the curtains.  I got the fabric at a much more affordable price by buying it at  It was out of stock for quite some time, but I stalked the site daily until it came back in.  I used a coupon code for 25% off my total purchase, and walked out paying $15 a yard.  That’s $10 cheaper per yard than the same exact fabric at Calico Corners.  Now that is what I call smart shopping, especially when you need 14 yards!

Last but not least, we brought my parent’s old wingback chair into the living room to see if the scale and style was right for the room, and I actually love it!  I think it could really work in the space if reupholstering it isn’t too expensive.  As you can see, Eddie loves it too!

So, those are the happenings in the Heart Tree Home lately. Anyone else get spoiled with home decor from their Christmas wishlist? I got spoiled with lots of things, many of them being clothes/shoes/accessories… if I ever get the courage to do some outfit posts you’ll see some of them! 🙂

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