Ten Etsy Purchases

One of the goals on my 101 goals in 1001 days list was to make at least 10 purchases from Etsy sellers or other independent artists, and I am checking it off my list!  Read on to see my purchases…


1 & 2. A beautiful fox card from Cuore for my mother-in-law and a witty letterpress Mother’s Day card for my mom from afavorite… {and a few other cards here and there!}


3.  An adorable hand stamped dog tag for Eddie from makeyourdogsmile (which I bought so early before his arrival that I unfortunately lost it and can’t find it :-(… it was beautiful though!)


4.  Some cute Wizard of Oz graphics from JW Illustrations to use for my mom’s surprise 50th birthday party


5.  An awesome pug wood cutout puzzle from dog wood by Dave for my in-laws because they are getting a pug… (Can you tell who takes care of the card and gift giving in our house?)


6. Some super geeky Nintendo soaps for my brother-in-law from Digital Soaps



7 & 8. Some awesome taxonomy posters from Pop Chart Lab {the Very Very Many Varieties of Beer for a friend and the Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names for the mister}… You better believe I can get behind a wrestling poster if it looks as pretty as this!


9. Some delicious {and gorgeous} macarons from SparklesMacaron as a Christmas gift for my family that lives out of state…


10. I bought custom curtain panels for my living room from Erin at PlushStudio.  I provided the curtain fabric and blackout lining to her, and she charged me for the labor.  Believe me when I say that her prices were so reasonable.  I was able to get professional curtains made to order, versus spending countless hours doing them myself and likely having them come out sub-par.  I’m so pleased with this purchase!  Post coming soon about the living room progress, but for now, enjoy this instagram shot…


And for bonus points, a few handmade items others bought for me after seeing them on my wishlists:

My mother-in-law bought these earrings from Shy Siren for me… I wore them for my wedding and still love to wear them whenever I can. Gorgeous!


A chandelier scarf from PrettyRaccoon from my in-laws…


And a set of leather cuff bracelets from HollyHawk, again from my in-laws…

I always like to support other artists and small business owners whenever possible.  Adding handmade goods to a Christmas or birthday wishlist is a great way of showing your support, because even if it’s not an item you’d splurge on for yourself, someone else just might want to gift it to you for a special occasion.

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1 Response to Ten Etsy Purchases

  1. I LOVE DigitalSoaps, I’ve bought many an awesome present for my geeky friends and family from there. It’s a great Etsy shop. 🙂

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