Kalah Blue Curtains

They’re heeeeere!

My Kalah Blue curtains have arrived, and they are just as magnificent as I had imagined! Erin at Plush Studios did a fantastic job making them. I shipped her the fabric {read how I scored the fabric for a reasonable price here} and some blackout lining {which I already had on hand} and had her make rod pocket panels for me. I could have made them myself, but they wouldn’t have turned out looking as professional.

I used the pinch and clip method I learned from HGTV’s Genevieve years ago. Instead of putting the rod through the pocket, use drapery clips to clip the back of the fabric near the rod pocket hem. It creates the look of a pinch pleat drapery and hides the hanging hardware, which is much prettier than a rod pocket, in my opinion.

Another tip is to “train” your drapes. This is a tip I learned from Thrifty Decor Chick. With the thick blackout lining on these panels, they were definitely not going to pleat properly on their own. So, I pleated the drapes how I wanted them and tied them in place with bits of string. I left them for about a week, untied them, and viola! The nicely pleated drapes you see below!

I’m loving how they look with the Alvine Ruta rug too.  I had hoped that the colors and patterns would compliment each other instead of competing with each other, and I think they do.  It’s really starting to have more of an eclectic feel.

Next on the list will be to find something other than my cheap-o mirror over the fireplace, reupholster the wingback {or find an alternate chair}, and switch out the green marble fireplace surround with something more bright and neutral.

P.S. I dropped off the face of the earth this past week because I’ve been battling a wicked cold. I may or may not have watched movies all night, every night, in an effort to relax and heal.  For the record, Drive was awful, The Help was decent, and Training Day was awesome.

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One Response to Kalah Blue Curtains

  1. I am using this fabric for drapes in my bedroom. Yours are gorgeous! Thanks for the “training” tip. I’ve used blackout lining before and they never laid very pretty. I’m sure this will do the trick!

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