DIY Framed Bathroom Mirror

I’m a horrible blogger for this post! Not only did I neglect to take step by step process photos, I can’t find my “before” photo that I KNOW I snapped. Shame on me.

Picture my “before” photo just as a giant slab of mirror glued to the wall. The plan was to frame it out to make it look more like a decorative mirror was hung on the wall. The first version that I saw of this was from Janelle. {By the way, browse her blog if you haven’t before; she’s great!}

There have been quite a few variations since, but I found that to be my favorite design. I prefer the square cuts and molding detail over mitering the four corners and making a simple square.

I used MDF which I had cut to size at the hardware store. The two trim pieces are wood and are glued to the top MDF piece with Gorilla wood glue. I gave them all a few coats of primer and paint {the same color as my board and batten wall in the laundry room} making sure I did the back sides as well, since some is reflected in the mirror. Use whatever thicknesses and dimensions needed to work for your space. I was working with an existing light fixture which limited the height and an outlet to the left which limited the width.

I glued them all to the wall/mirror with Liquid Nails for paneling. Janelle recommended this product, and I was pleased with how it worked on the aforementioned board and batten wall, so I went with it. I used painter’s tape to hold it in place while it dried.

And, the afters!

It’s difficult to get a shot of this narrow space, especially when I’m avoiding snapping a shot of myself in the mirror.

The only thing I would have done differently on this project is to stack some heavy objects on the top board while the trim glue is drying. I’m not sure if I started off with a board that wasn’t plumb, or if it became that way during the drying process, but either way, it was not flush with the wall, and I ended up having to use a wood screw on one end and then patch/prime/paint over the screw. It’s a hassle to try to avoid if you can!


Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out, but this is one project that I’m kind of glad to be finished with!

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  1. Kenna Coneys says:

    Wall mirrors that are large are great because you can see your whole body. ;

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