Creative Photo Book Uses {and Free Photo Book Deals!}

From time to time, free photo book deals pop up around the web and I like to take advantage of them as often as possible.  Today I’d like to share some creative photo book ideas beyond just documenting everyday life.  {Also, at the time of writing this post, there are two free Shutterfly photo book deals you can take advantage of! Read on to find out how.}

1.  Vacation Book

Narrow down those hundreds of vacation photos from your last trip to your favorites and create a book that will help those memories last forever.  Add descriptions of when and where you visited as well as any memories you want to capture.  This is actually what I plan to do with my two free books; I’ve just been waiting for a deal! 


2.  Cookbook

Take some photos when you make your favorite family recipes and add the ingredients list and instructions to the book with the text box features.  You’ll end up with your own personalized family recipe book {which is also great for gift giving!}


3.  Art Portfolio

If you have children, this would be a great way to hold on to some of their art for the future without worrying about them standing the test of time.  Simply scan the artwork onto a computer and add the images to a photo book.  Add the date to remember the age they created the masterpiece!


4.  Children’s Book

Another great idea for children is to create a personalized book for them to read at storytime.  Have them draw pictures to accompany their favorite bedtime story, and add your story captions to the pictures in the photo book.  {If they are old enough, they could write and illustrate their own story.}  Or, help them learn their ABC’s with a custom alphabet book.  Use family pictures to illustrate each letter, one per page; for example, D for the family dog or G for Grandma Sally.


5.  Guestbook

A photo book makes a more affordable and more personal guestbook for any occasion.  Center a favorite picture on each page, leaving a large white border around it for guests to sign.  This works great for weddings as well as other parties.  My friend Krysten utilized this idea for her grandpa’s baseball themed surprise 80th birthday party.

And now for the smokin’ hot deals! There are two offers for free 20 page 8×8 hardcover photobooks from Shutterfly. You will just need to pay shipping which is about $7-$8. The original value of the books are $29.99! I was able to add both codes to my account for a total of two free books!  Click on one or both of the following links and it will take you to the free book offers:

Offer 1: Baby Center

Offer 2: Anderson Cooper

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to think outside of the box when it comes to these photo book deals.  Happy crafting!

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2 Responses to Creative Photo Book Uses {and Free Photo Book Deals!}

  1. Stacey says:

    Great ideas! My mother-in-law wants to put together a cookbook of all her recipes for us and this would be so fun to add pictures and style. Thanks!

  2. floridaysmom says:

    I love all these fun ideas!! Especially the one for kids and helping them with their letters…what a fun person gift. I may even make one for my hubby for xmas with pics of him and our little guy..maybe something where each letter spells, I LOVE YOU DADDY…hmmm. Happy to have found your site via Decorum DIY!

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