Big Lebowski Themed Surprise 30th Birthday Party

The mister turned 30 this week and I really wanted to do something special for him, so we threw him a party the weekend before his birthday based on his favorite movie, The Big Lebowski!  I had way too much fun planning it.  Seriously, give me a good theme party to plan, and I am a happy camper.  My partner in crime Krysten helped me out immensely {as per usual} and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with how it turned out!

We had so much delicious food thanks to many generous friends offering to bring things to go along with the theme!  The Lebowski art on the wall was printed from the internet.  Links to most of them can be found on this Pinterest board.  My sister hung them all pretty!  The bowling pins I found at an antique show… 6 for $10!

For dinner, we had “Chinaman Chili” in the crock pots, both meat and vegetarian, homemade cornbread, and” Shomer Shabbos Slaw.”  Many thanks to Matt for the chili and cornbread!

We had “Green Toenail Pigs in a Blanket” thanks to Kysten… {The toenails are almond slivers dyed with green food coloring and the blood is red food coloring.}

“Pacifist Pita Chips” and hummus…

And of course, snacks were placed around the house in Folgers cans in memory of Donny.

For dessert, there were “White Russian Cupcakes” with coffee flavored frosting thanks to Krysten.  I made little cupcake pins to mimic the pin girl headdresses in the dream scene.  Also, some adorable bowling ball and pin lemon cookies thanks to Teresa!

The Stranger’s drink of choice, Sarsparilla {root beer}, was served in a bowling bag cooler.  Fixings were also available for The Dude’s favorite drink, the White Russian.

I found a great Big Lebowski Monopoly game board which I had printed at Costco and laminated for fun table decor.  Oriental rugs were also printed off and laminated for coasters around the house.

There was Wii bowling {with customized Mii’s of the Dude, Walter, Donny, and the Jesus}!  We did, in fact, Wii “roll on Shabbos.”

In true Lebowskifest style, I invited guests to dress up as characters from the movie.  Here are the Dudes… That rug really ties the room together.

The Strangers…

Walter Sobchak…

Maude Lebowski and a Pin Girl…

{For those wondering, my Maude Lebowski costume consisted of a gold dress from Asos and a viking helmet and coconut bra from Amazon.  I sprayed the bra gold, drew on bowling ball finger holes with a sharpie, and used fishing line to tie it on instead of twine.}

And all the costumed folks together!

Thanks to all of our friends who joined in the celebration!  I was blown away by the costume participation and everyone’s willingness to help with food and setup since it had to be kept a secret.  What a fun theme party!

If you throw your own Lebowski Party, I’d love to see!

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9 Responses to Big Lebowski Themed Surprise 30th Birthday Party

  1. This is fabulous! Great, and fun, party theme. I love parties planned around a movie. My son’s 3rd was ‘Star Wars’ and his 5th ‘The Goonies’ (a twist on the pirate theme). Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me wish I were turning 30 (again). Darn, I’m old!

  2. mego484Megan says:

    Love the party stuff! I’m having one for my husband’s 35th. Would you happen to have a template for the food cards? I especially love the one for Pigs in a Blanket with The Dude and Walter. Thanks!

  3. HEY LOOK I DID THIS (nominated you for a Liebster Award). If you have any time to nominate anyone else, you fo sho should it was actually pretty fun. so check it out!

  4. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
    time a comment is added I get several emails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

  5. You really put a lot of effort to throw this party for your mister, 30’s birthday is really a big deal for everyone of us , it’s a blessing if you have people around you want to do something special for you , the food looks yummy , i’d like to have a bite , and good choice of the theme 🙂

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  7. Carol says:

    I would like to make the pin girl headdress and wondered if you knew how your friend put hers together?

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